Kingslite 2931 LED Searchlight

Super Bright Rechargeable Multi-LED Searchlight
* Two brightness settings
* Swivel stand
* Two positions of handle to ensure comfortable and ergonomic access

Large Capacity & Extended Long Working Time
Maximum 6000mAh battery capacity provides ultra-long operating time (12 hours) for your outdoor activities.
Multiple smart protection (overcharge/ over discharge protection) guarantee your safe and stable using experience.
Charging led indicator gives hint of whether the device is full charged or not.

Portable & Handiness
Two kinds of hand-held modes keep you in the best hand-held way at all time.
You can adjust to alternative posture by pressing the locking bottom
Adjustable swivel stand allows you place spotlight on the ground and you can adjust its angle to change many beam directions to facilitate your use.

Reliable Lighting
When you are exploring in the wild at night, Y2931 brings safety, convenience and brightness, which helps you easily get rid of the fear of darkness.

If your area gets lot of thunderstorms and power outages, you couldn’t miss this light. When there is no power due to a storm, you can rely on this portable light as it is able to light up your space and provide you with enough brightness.