Kingslite 2600 10W LED Spotlight

Item No.: 2600
Super Bright 10W LED Spotlight
* Blinking light
* USB power bank
* Battery: Li-ion batteries
* Swivel stand
* Over charge, over discharge, over current protection
* Brightness modes:
    High brightness: 700 lumens
    Low brightness:  250 lumen

KINGSLITE introduces model 2600 Pistol-shape Powerful spotlight. It puts out max. 700-Lumens. Stand swivels 120 degree to settle light where it’s needed.
Powered by multiple 18650 batteries, the compact and lightweight body, patented unique design make model 2600 very suitable for outdoor exploring, camping, searching and caving.


* Maximum run-time-up to 60 hours of continuous run-time
* 120 degree swivel stand can be positioned in multiple ways to direct light where its needed
* Wave surface handle to ensure comfortable, skid resistance and ergonomic access
* Up to 700-Lumens with adjustable lumen level to match brightness to the job
* Exchanged indicator light reveal charging or full powered

Built-in Power Bank

With a built-in 2400mAh/4000mAh Power Bank to power the Pistol-shape spotlight and all other features, plus it’s capable of charging your mobile devices anywhere! Perfect for ensuring that even when you are roughing it out in the woods, you’re able to charge your mobile device. Compatible with Android phones, tablets and as well as iPhones and iPads.