Kingslite 2701RL 5W LED Spotlight

Item No.: 2701RL
* Red tail blinking light
* Swivel stand
* 3 modes of lighting
  High brightness: 450 lumens
  Low brightness: 140 lumens
  Blinking light
* Two positions of handle to ensure comfortable and ergonomic access

Multi-function meet your any require

With two molds of main light and warning tail-light, this multifunctional light is able to meet your various needs.
When you are outside at night, you can use the front light to tear the darkness.
Switching to second gear offers enough brightness to illuminate your path but almost triple shining hours compared to the first gear.
When you encounter danger outdoors, the durable flashing rear light helps others find you easily and rescue you.

Two position of handle and adjustable swivel stand

The two kinds of hand-held mode facilitates your use in the best hand-held way at all time.
It is much more convenient to place the light and shot in any direction you want with an adjustable swivel stand at the bottom of spotlight.


Well connection with each parts and a rubber charging head plug prevent fluid from flowing into the portable light. Up to IPX4 protection grade allows you to deal with complex outdoor environment such as rescuing at snow mountain, patroling at raining day, fishing at lake, etc.

Reliable lighting

Light weight, compact design and additional front and rear buckles allows you storage and carry Y2701RL any where you want. If your area gets lot of thunderstorms and power outages, you couldn’t miss this light. Simply take it out and rely on this portable light when there is no power in the harsh environment as it is able to light up over 12 hours and provide you with bright light.